About LBL, online womens clothing store

Helping women find their inner goddess through fashion And hair additions.

Our online store established in 2009, Our fashion compliments your figure, style and attitude. When you walk in a room, everyone should know exactly what they’re dealing with—and that’s why we say “Wear what fits your attitude”.

Meet Team Lovelbl


We’re coffee drinking, music loving ladies who would love to be a part of your fashion world! Get to know us a little better. 



Brenna is our big adventurer, and fluent movie quoter. She loves the outdoors and will be either seen coming to work on her scooter or long board. She fell in love with fashion when she saw how it could help women become more confident in who they are and understanding what looks best on any figure. She doesn’t have a favorite item from LBL, but absolute loves seeing women wearing what they got from the store or online. “When I see someone wearing LBL I feel like I have to take a picture to celebrate with them looking fabulous.” She also shares her thoughts about team LoveLBL. “I love it when we are all on the same wavelength with putting together outfits for our ladies. We almost get to a point where we think the same thing or bounce off ideas on what would work the best. We trust each other, share joys and laughter, and support!”


The women who has been with Lisa since the beginning, Julie. She is has been friends with Lisa since they were in elementary. Julie is married and busy with three children in middle school. People would describe Julie as sweet, spunky lady with a soft spot for Guns & Roses. “I really like our Boom Boom jeans, and wear the 23 inch Grand Extension from HairDo daily. I guess I just love that our apparel fits all different body types.” When asked about what she thinks about working at LBL, she states, “I love Team LBL, but what I really like about working here is getting to know our customers, hearing their stories, connecting with them and sharing life. Especially with our wig customers. Being someone who wears a hair piece all the time, I like to share the struggles of having thin, hard to work with hair.”


Our newest team member, Tisa. Born and raised in Cedar Falls, but made an adventure of living in Florida and Michigan before coming full circle back to CF and happy to be back! Living life of a wife to Bruce, and two daughters give her a lot of experience of dressing up others! A few of her must haves at LBL are the current trends and any of the fun jewelry. Ask Tisa about she likes about being apart of team LBL she’ll say, “What can I say, it doesn't even feel like work. So much fun! The LBL team are for lack of a better word – awesome! Love the fact that we can accommodate our cliental with wigs and apparel that make them feel comfortable and beautiful.”



lisa richter

Lisa grew up all around fashion. Her mother, Mary Richter, founded Saxony in Charles City, Iowa in 1975. When Lisa was born, Mary simply put her in a crib in the fitting room and continued to run her store. By the age of 7, Lisa was ringing up customers. She then spent her late teens and early 20’s working as a model in Europe, gaining exposure to all parts of the fashion industry.

Lisa eventually returned to Iowa, taking over as manager of Saxony in 1999. She launched her own brick-and-mortar store in Cedar Falls, Iowa, in 2009, and lovelbl.com in 2009.



         Modeling In Italy