true2life Colors

These are senthetic fibers able to have heat applied to it



Off Black (RL 2/4)

Black Coffee (RL 4/6)

Dark Chocolate (RL 6/8)

Ginger Brown (RL 5/27)

Bronzed Sable (RL 6/28)

Copper Mohogany (RL 6/30)

Hazelnut (RL 8/29)

Sunlit Chestnut (RL 10/12)

Golden Walnut (RL 11/25)



Honey Toast (RL 12/16)

Golden Pecan (RL 13/88)

Pale Gold Wheat (RL14/22)

Pale Golden Honey (RL 16/88)

Biscuit (RL 19/23)



Golden Russet (RL 29/25)

Fiery Copper (RL 31/29)

Cinnabar (RL 32/31)

Deepest Ruby (RL 33/35)



Silver (RL 56/60)

Silver and Smoke (RL 119)

Sugar & Charcoal (RL 511)



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