Vibralite colors

All numbers with “S” are multi-dimensional blends reflect the latest coloring techniques being used. They are specially blended in the front and crown with highlights and lowlights that compliment the basic color.

Any colors with an “F” are colors that are multi-tonal shades that are specially created to reflect today’s dramatic color blends. They include an all over base color with two contrasting highlight colors around the face.

These synthetic fibers can NOT have heat applied to them. 

Colors with “SS” are Shadow Shades that feature a darker color depth at the root.





Ebony (R2)                                  Midnight Brown (R4)



        Dark Chocolate (R6)                            Glazed Hazelnut (R829S/R829S+)



         Glazed Mahogony (R9S/R9S+)                             Glazed Mocha (R11S/R11S+)           






     Golden Wheat (R14/88H)                                             Honey Blonde (R16)       



Sandy Blonde (R21T)                                     Sweedish Blonde(R22)


Ginger Blonde (R25)                                                     Pearl Platinum (R101)


        Buttered Toast (R1416T)                                         Glazed Sand (R1521S/R1621S+)

Glazed Apricot (R2026S)





Glazed Fire (R28S/R28S+)                                          Glazed Strawberry (R29S/R29S+)


Auburn (R30)                                                      Dark Auburn (R33)


Glazed Cinnamon (R3025S/R3025S+)                                   Glazed Auburn (R3329S/R3329S+)




Copper Mink (R6/28H)                                                 Chocolate Copper (R6/30H)


Golden Walnut (R8/25)                                                  Mocha Foil (R9F26)


Honey Pecan (R12/26H)                                                   Praline Foil (R13F25)


       Honey Ginger (R14/25)                                                     Buttered Walnut (R1020)





    Smoked Walnut (R38)                                                         Steel Gray (R44)            


Smoke (R56)                                                       Silver Mist (R56/60)

Gradient Smoke (R119G)


Shadow Shades


Golden Walnut (SS8/25)                                                      Hazelnut (SS8/29)

Chestnut (SS10)


Strawberry Blonde (SS29/20)                                                    Espresso (SS4/6)              


Eggplant (SS4/33)                                                      Coacoa (SS9/30)


Toast (SS12/20)                                                              Champagne (SS15/24)